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Pipes that are exposed to the cold can freeze and stop your water supply. Even worse, is the fact that frozen pipes often break, making repairs absolutely necessary. These problems usually occur at the most inopportune times and may leave you struggling to find a plumber. Look no further than our Blandford, MA experts!


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There are steps you can take in advance to minimize the possibility of frozen pipes. Pipes may be insulated with foam rubber sleeves or fiberglass insulation. Pipes which run through unheated areas may also be wrapped with special heating strips before being insulated. If you are caught in a cold streak and think that your pipes may be vulnerable, leave one of the faucets farthest from your water source open slightly. The running water will provide freeze protection. This is obviously a last resort, since even a small constant trickle can represent a waste of water, but it is much better than ruptured pipes.


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Pipe Clamps: Pipe clamps are available which can be used to permanently repair burst pipes. These clamps are simple hinged units sized to fit the pipe. Simply wrap the pipe with a rubber or neoprene (synthetic rubber) pad, wrap the clamp around the pad and tighten the screws to secure the clamp. Such clamps are simple to install and work well for emergencies. If your pipes are leaking at a fitting, an elbow or T joint, for example, you will have to use one of the methods presented below.


Steel Pipes: Some homes have steel pipes. Unlike copper or plastic pipes which are fused at joints, steel pipes are threaded just like nuts and bolts. Pipe clamps are particularly useful for repairing steel pipes which sometimes burst along the seam. Simply peel the ruptured area down level with the rest of the pipe using a ball peen hammer and install the clamp.


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